One day a young confectioner acquired a family secret – how to make delicious sweets. From milk, sugar and butter he made little, square sweets and wrapped them in “spotted” paper. These were the first Polish cream fudges. The fudge craze had started! Everyone wanted to know the sweet secret. Some tried to steal the recipe away, while the other came out with their own unique recipe for a traditional malleable caramel…
In the factory the best confectioners created an excellent, luxury cream fudge, which is adored by the loyal fudge-lovers up to this day. To accent the noble taste of the legendary sweets, 2arts Studio designed an original package for them. An elegant box with an artistic photo of tempting fudges hides the taste of childhood and national goods inside. Valued both by the consumers and by the ad experts, our package was nominated in the prestigious advertising contest Golden Eagles (Złote Orły) 2010 for the category package design.

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